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Medical Billing

We bring transparency, clarity, and peace of mind to healthcare expenses.

Heartology makes sense of your bills.

We specialize in everything cardiac, and that includes bills. Let us take this worry off your mind, so you can focus on your health. We'll help assure you only pay your fair share. 

Making sense 

You can utilize our billing review service before, during, and after medical treatment. We'll explore costs prior to planned procedures, assess the necessity and number of tests throughout your care, and compare your medical record to all medical charges.

Your liason

Our team communicates on your behalf, reaching out to medical facilities to address any discrepancies we find. We investigate and negotiate charges, reimbursement, and payment with your facility, Medicare, and supplemental insurance providers.

Working with Heartology

We make your financial experience as easy as possible, seamlessly handling complex billing details and negotiations. Our process is clear and simple. Here's how it works.

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Let us simplify things. It's easy to find out how we can support you. Ask us your questions, or leave it up to us to explain what we do and how we help. Click below to set up a free 15 minute conversation to learn more.

Create your plan.

At our next meeting, we'll discuss your concerns to determine the breadth of our review. Together, we'll explore any discrepancies between your recollection of events, your medical record, and outstanding charges. 

We've got this!

Recovery, rehabilitation, reinvention. Whatever you call it, it's all about moving forward on your health journey. We'll help you progress beyond your medical bills, so you can focus on your future. 

Need help with the healthcare system?

We're here for you.

At Heartology Patient Advocacy, you are our priority. We're on a mission to bring you clarity and confidence to optimize your well-being. Call, text, or click below to learn how we can make this journey easier for you and your loved ones.

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