About Heartology Patient Advocacy | Meet Our Founder Kim Krusinski

About Heartology

We bring transparency, clarity, and peace of mind to your health journey.

Our Mission

To bring transparency, clarity, and peace of mind to people on their health journey.


Our Values

At Heartology Patient Advocacy, we believe:


Everyone deserves high quality healthcare. We embrace diversity.

Navigating the healthcare system should be easy.

People with health issues should be able to feel seen, to trust, and to understand their condition. They deserve validation, transparency, and clarity.

A person’s treatment plan should be in harmony with their values and goals.

Patients should be empowered to know their options and have control over the direction of their own treatment. 

Families deserve to feel they are enough. They can be included instead of overwhelmed.

Family members should be able to focus on their loved one and be there for them.

Medical bills should be accurate and transparent.


Our Founder

Kim Krusinski

Born and raised in Upstate New York, Kim Krusinski graduated pre-med from the University of Miami in Florida, then went on to earn her nursing degree in Colorado. As a Registered Nurse and now a Board Certified Patient Advocate, Kim has provided goal-directed care for cardiac patients for over twenty years, speaking up for people and their families to keep them informed, safe, and on track for their healthcare journey. When not working, Ms. Krusinski takes care of herself and her family of two teenagers, two dogs, two birds, and too (many) plants, along with her amazing "husband of a nurse." Together, they enjoy camping, biking, traveling, and snorkeling.

What inspired us...

Medical care should make your life better, not harder. Healthcare has changed. Healthcare facilities are often paid more for quantity than quality. To stay afloat, they have had to make sacrifices. It's rare that a doctor has the opportunity to get to know you and what you value. Often, they don't have the time to ensure you understand your health condition and all of your treatment options. At best, this system provides less than optimal care, but at worst, mistakes cause harm: medication errors, worsening conditions, extended and repeated hospital stays, and prolonged suffering. Heartology was born out of a hope to create a better healthcare experience.

Need help with the healthcare system?

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